AL Aesthetics is dedicated to the security and comfort of all of our patients. Every treatment begins by having a thorough consultation with Dr. Ash Labib. Ash Labib is a seasoned doctor who is an innovator for non-surgical cosmetics. He can perform the majority of non-surgical procedures for rhinoplasty. Ash Labib will spend time meeting with you to discuss the expectations you have during the consultation.

The treatments described above are both art and science. Dr. Ash Labib has a wealth of experience with the field and is passionate about the procedure. Each procedure that is non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedure is different and will be different based on the patient's needs and also their own facial structure. DrAsh Labib will spend time getting acquainted with you and help to select the correct nose.

Our welcoming staff will be waiting to welcome you to an exclusive clinic for your appointment. Based on your individual needs Dr. Ayasub injects the filler to certain areas of the nose. For non-surgical Rhinoplasty The average dose is approximately 1 milliliter. To make it more comfortable each of the dermal fillers that we offer contain an local anaesthetic. The injection can cause a little discomfort, but it's not an issue for the majority of our customers.

The effects of the treatment will become apparent in a short time. To allow the filler time to be able to settle, it is best not to apply pressure to the area for the next up to 24 hours. The filler remains malleable so avoid pressing on the area for at the least one week. Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for long durations of time. It can alter the form and function of fillers. After treatment, you might notice swelling, reddening or bleeding. It is not usually obvious and should disappear in about two or three days. Rhinoplasty that is not surgical can leave lasting effects to the appearance of your skin over six to 18 months. But, it could also be as long as 2 years. It's dependent on the amount of filler used as well as how the region was relocated. The body's normal levels of Hyaluronidase, an enzyme which decreases hyaluronic acids could also affect this.

If you're thinking about non-surgical rhinoplasty, or any other procedures for dermal fillers that are available in London or in the surrounding areas and believe that treatment with the UK's most renowned AL Aesthetics is right for you, get in touch with Dr. Ash Labib.